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Digital Telangana Program

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Two pivots on which digital telangana stands are - the supply and the demand.

This is being made possible through :

  • WiFi in major cities and towns
  • Providing 4G services in the entire state
  • Laying OFC to each household using the water grid trenches
  • e-Panchayat scheme under which a One Stop Shop kiosk will be available in each Panchayat

The main Highlights of this program are:

  • Online payment gateways for Yadgiri Gutta and Bhadrachalam, Launch of new e-services in endowments department, agriculture department (green phablet), etc
  • Launch of biometric attendance system in Warangal District.
  • Encouraging people’s participation through Digital Pledge, competitions, Hackathon events, etc.
  • promoting digital literacy, cyber hygiene and cyber security
  • WiFi services at Telangana University, Nizamabad

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